Worldscape is an performance event involving immersive sound art, video projection, that augment a series of curated talks and and conversations around the Worldscape Table.

# Lighting

The table can be lit using projection mapping so that the colours and shapes can be animated to represent data-flows that inform the discussion.

An example of LED lighting of the Worldscape Table

# Conversations across space

Here we look at how we can use projection mapping and immersive sound to tell stories about the world.

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There is a range of Map Animation software that we can use for this installation. Mapmate looks a promising project, as might be the following: - Immersive Sound - Projection mapping - Science On A Sphere - Virtual Globe - Digital Earth - Geovisualization

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# History

The first Global Feast took place in London in 2012. At that time we had a number of discussions about organising the event as a decentralised festival, though time and resources prevented us from exploring that format.

YOUTUBE gSsYptEpMTc This walkaround of Worldscape was shot on the penultimate, Peruvian night of FEAST.

The current production looks to focus on combining a central event based around the Worldscape Table with decentralised happenings taking part all around the world.

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