Get in touch

The first thing to do is drop in and say hello. At this stage of the Production, we are mainly in need of writers and researchers as well as musicians, artists and podcaster.

The project is highly technical, so as ever we also welcome coders, and human beings of all shapes and forms to help with decentralised systems, immersive sound, video and projection mapping.

We welcome new writers, artists, researchers, and programmers - all-comers. There is likely to be a niche for your interests somewhere in the federation.

We hope to be an active, and friendly community and you can generally find us any time to our community chat room on

- Fedwiki chat -

# Wednesday Zoom

Each week on Wednesday at 18:00 GMT you can drop into the Zoom meeting below and meet the federation:

__Topic:__ Weekly Fedwiki Hangout __Time:__ 18:00 GMT -

Conversations are informal, with a few regulars and most weeks a new face.

Federated Wiki Meet DATE Wednesday TIME 18:00 FOR 60 minutes ALSO Europe/London ALSO America/Los_Angeles ALSO US/Pacific HERE

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