FEAST is a celebration of local cultures that are unique yet connected. We come together around food, music, and conversation, which we celebrate locally while connecting globally to other communities through the medium of radio.

# Conference

FEAST is a global decentralised conference and music festival, connected by radio. It is a celebration of local culture, with communities connected globally through conversation, sound and music.

Local radio stations can promote the festival to their listeners, inviting them to create a FEAST at home and tune into the radio, and advertising local live events that take place throughout the community, and the festival promotes the local radio station with every venue publicly playing the sound of the station.

FEAST aims to work with local radio stations and podcasters around the world to celebrate the diverse and vibrant culture of local radio. It is structured as an artist led coop, and we create and provide tools that make it simpler and legal for stations to share content and collaborate on productions.

# History

The first Global Feast took place in London in 2012. At that time we had a number of discussions about organising the event as a decentralised festival, though time and resources prevented us from exploring that format. The current production looks to focus on combining a central event based around the Worldscape Table with decentralised happenings taking part all around the world.

YOUTUBE gSsYptEpMTc This walkaround of Worldscape was shot on the penultimate, Peruvian night of FEAST.

# Status

The show is currently in pre-production. Our first aim is to perfect the deliberative format, and supporting software for the production of a series of Conference Events.

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