Deliberative Format

Our aim here is to create a fun, playful and engaging experience that can cater for many people, many interests and types of contribution. We invite people to draw, perform, and write. Most of all we invite people to talk to each other. To meet.

# Deliberative

When we meet, too often, our words fly past each other. Even when we connect, it is rare that the energy and insights raised are followed up with action. Conversations are rarely constructive, in form, or in function. This is not an immutable law of human nature, even though it may be a fact of human history.

Around beauty and spectacle we can inspire conversation. We can focus attention on issues and areas of the world, of history, and of the future.

# Technology

This new type of deliberation is augmented, not driven by technology. We use video, phones, and software, but we do not need to. We can also meet around food, and in fields. We use whatever tools come to hand. Appropriately and with respect.

# Ideas

Deep within the belly of this format however, we have buried a set of ideas that aim to make a real difference to how our species comes together to decide things. In practice, and in software, and in legal form, we have built a fragile collective decision making machine.

# Organic

Our prototype is fragile. It is not fully formed, and it is designed to grow and change and to be shaped by all of us. Not as a single unifying invention, but as an ecosystem of deliberative forms that are encouraged to form temporary alliances.

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